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Betty Naismith, Relationship Researcher     

Dear Friend,

I'm Betty Naismith. This may be the most important personal letter you'll read  - if you lost or are losing your man or woman. Trust me - there is hope. I have proof that this will work even for you.

Like you, I have also suffered from some devastating break ups. The worst was with my boyfriend for years, who have become my fiancé. He just surprised me one day when he told me: “It's over!” OUCH!!! I was shattered!   


Are these lines familiar to you?

"We were so happy together…"
"We did everything together..."
"Everything was just so perfect..."
"Where did I go wrong?"
"I simply don't understand..."


Not long ago, I remember saying these lines to a friend while crying uncontrollably. My fiancé, Charles, just decided to call it quits after years of being together. I was taken aback upon hearing him say: “maybe we were not meant to be…”


I was so shocked. I felt so helpless. I didn't know what to do. I didn't even know how to react. We were supposed to get married the following year! All my dreams were shattered! Questions came pouring into my mind. How could a love so perfect turn bad? How could the man who showered me with love everyday suddenly have no love left for me? Why does it have to end this way? Questions after questions came in. Questions that I have no answer for.


It was really depressing for me. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't do anything at all. Going to work was a real challenge for me each day as I have no sense of direction. No sense of living. In fact, I almost wanted to die. I pictured us being together for always. And then POOF! It's over! Just like that!


I hated the break-up so much that I searched for way to win my ex-fiancé back. I did everything to find out the perfect solution on how to win him back. I did every little thing that I can to make things go back to normal again. I've talked to a lot of people whom I think who could help me in winning my Charles back. I read every known book regarding relationships.


I've worked my way through making him come back to me. I made myself more available to him. I did everything I thought would make him come to me. I even looked stupid and desperate. That's how I badly I wanted him to come back to me. I took myself for granted just so I can attend to whatever he needs. I made sure that I let him know that I wanted him back. Nothing I did worked. Charles even seemed oblivious about my efforts.


Until I stumbled upon this very effective solution that can bring my Charles back to me. I was skeptical at first. How could something so simple work out the way I wanted it work? I could not believe that there is such an easy way to bring back an ex-lover back into your arms. I studied it well. I needed to make sure that I will not be disappointed with the result it could bring. And then I tried it.


Guess what? I did win him back! This was clearly a sure-fire system to win any ex-lover back ... and it really worked! I was really surprised at how fast the technique worked! Now, we are happily married and about to have our second baby! Things are so much better now. My life has never been so complete! We are living together like we never had any problems at all!


And so, I'm going to share this discovery with you and help you get out from the pains of being dumped! Just keep on reading each and every word written in here because as you read on, you will fully learn and understand the ways and means why break up happens and how you can avoid them!  


You, too, can save yourself from heartbreaks!

I though these methods would have worked just for me. But a friend of mine, Katie, got dumped by her boyfriend, Zach. Knowing exactly how it was like to be dumped, I shared my secrets with Katie on how I won Charles back. She tried it and now, they are about to get married soon! Zach suddenly realized that life is never the same without Katie. He has never been so happy in his life until he and Katie got back together. I saved two souls from breaking apart!


Take note of the danger signs that your relationship is about to end:     

Fewer phone calls .
The “looks” are not the same.
No more laughter.
Sex is less.
Conversations are almost meaningless.

Feeling alone even if you are together.

It's just not there anymore!



This is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to your Break Up Problems! It will teach you how to have your partner back in your arms again… truly, madly and deeply in love with you as always!

Wouldn't it be great to have him/her close to you again, and in love with you like before? Now, you can have the love of your life back into your life again and recover the lost love. Like Katie, I want to help you avoid losing the love of your life and continue to be happy with him/her. Each and every little thing you should know for a successful, long-lasting relationship is in here!


I will teach you how to win back the heart of:

Your Ex-Boyfriend
Your Ex- Girlfriend
Your Ex-Husband
Your Ex-Wife
Even An Unfaithful Partner



Why suffer the pains of Break Ups if you can AVOID them?

It is really painful to go through a break up especially when you are really decided to make the relationship work. There is just no word to describe how painful it is to lose the one person you truly love. But it's never too late to have them back again.  Now, winning him/her back is not a problem anymore…  even when you think there is no way to bring the love back. I have all the ways and means to help you get the love of your life back into your loving arms again!


Ask yourself these questions?

Do you feel that your partner is not into you anymore?

Does everything you say to your partner turns into a heated argument?

Are you spending less time with each other lately?

Do you miss genuine intimate moments with each other?

Are you tired of always failing in making a relationship work?

Is your partner making plans without you in the picture?


If you answered yes to one of the questions above, then this full secret system is for you! These are signs that you need to do something about your relationship – right away! I guarantee you, you will never have to experience a painful breakup or divorce ever again.


This is the one instantly-effective system that even divorce lawyers would not want you to read!

Why? Because letting this system work will definitely make things better for couples who are in the verge of divorce! I have unlocked the secrets to making relationships work and make it last for good. If you want to save your relationship and your family from falling apart, this is the one best tool that you should get to make things go back the way it was… happy, loving and together.


STOP pushing your EX away! You may think the following could work in trying to win her back, but NO! Ironically, you will just make them lose interest in you completely!


Avoid Doing the DON'Ts in getting your EX back (fatal mistakes people never realize)...

Don't use pity.

Don't contact them and update about every little details regarding how you are.

Don't shower them with gifts.

Don't tell them promises.

Don't be overly nice.

Don't act depressed.



It ain't over ‘til it's over!

I've done every little thing just to win him back. I tried slimming down (I'm a size 4 already when he dumped me), I brought him food, coffee or just about anything, I tried calling him every day asking him how he were, I even brought him flowers and a lot of many other things just to win him back. They all failed! I thought I have done my best in getting my Charles back but no, I was wrong. I realized I was even pushing him away.


I wanted to have him back so badly. I couldn't even bear to think that we are not together anymore. It was so, so sad. Just plain, pure sadness! What I needed was a miracle! And that is what I have discovered! The miraculous ways of winning you ex-lover back. And these miraculous methods didn't just let me win my ex-boyfriend back; he loved me more than ever. The love that was lost suddenly was all too powerful and more sincere. I never felt much happier in our relationship. Everything is just too perfect now!


Finally, you will never have to endure the pains of breaking up. You will never have to hear these lines ever again!

"It's not you, it's me...”

We've grown apart...”

I just need some time alone for myself...”

Maybe we were not meant to be...”

Things are not the way they used to be...”

It's over...”

I just don't feel the same anymore...”



Just when you thought it's really over, it really isn't! The simplest, the quickest and the most effective system to automatically win your EX back is now REVEALED!


User Testimonial (via email):

Betty, thank you so much! Without this, I still would have been so lost and unable to see exactly what my ex was thinking. After four days of using it, things are suddenly changing. He's now taking my calls and begging to see me again!! I couldn't believe it! this is truly a miracle!!!

- Melanie S., Portland, OR USA


MEN: Imagine being with your EX-GIRLFRIEND again and loving every minute of it …

Breaking up is hard but it doesn't mean you're in a hopeless case. People respond to situations and conditions differently. You can't make your ex-girlfriend get back to you by simply begging her to. In fact, the more you beg, the more you push her away. She can even use it against you. Just like men, women can also go on a rebound after a failed relationship. Women can get into a new relationship new much faster than men especially when they are decided to do so.

I'm sure you wouldn't want that. More so if you really love her too much. And you can still have her back... easily and quickly!


Hard to believe? You bet! But the fact is, this well-researched, proven and tested highly effective step-by-step system will work like magic for you! You will win your ex-girlfriend back – 100% GUARANTEED!!!





My system works like INSTANT MAGIC that you will start asking yourself why you haven't found this method long ago! The moment you try my highly-effective step-by-step system, you will:

See an almost instantaneous change in the way your EX treats you!

Find out the many ways on how you can save your relationship from falling apart!

Be surprised to have your EX back quickly as you never would have thought possible!

Uncover the common reasons why relationships fail!

Learn the REAL REASON as to what went wrong!

Be exposed to the secrets of making a relationship last for life!

Find out the one thing he/she never wants you to say!

Be able to reveal the reasons why you can't break through her emotions!



User Testimonial (via email):

I didn't think it would work this easy. I thought it was all lost before. She's with me now and keeps saying she couldn't think of anyone else but me! I'm ecstatic.


- Charles J., Waterloo, Canada


As you read on, you will learn the PERFECT SOLUTION to have your EX begging you to get back together. You never have to shed another tear of sadness again. The only tears you will ever have to cry are tears of joy!

The Breakup Miracle System was specifically designed to guide you and teach you the most effective ways to have him beside you, taking care of you, loving you and be with your again and for always. You never have to be lonely and alone again. Imagine being able to spend your life with him again. It is truly possible. But you need to know how. And the Break Up Miracle will teach you how!



The Breakup Miracle is your only tool that can help you win your EX back!

You never have to drive yourself crazy into thinking how you can win him back. You will be guided on what to do and what not to do to be able for you to have him all to yourself for the rest of your life.


If you want to get out of a rocky, troubled relationship, all you have to do is to follow to the most effective, tried and tested methods that I have presented in this done-for-you system. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars going to a psychologist or a psychiatrist to help you get through this unbearable ordeal. Discovering this system alone will give you better insight of what makes them go away and how to win them back. It will provide you real answers you want to know.



Not convinced yet? Here are just a few more things that the Break Up Miracle can teach you:

Unleash the 5 Proven Steps into Making Him/Her Stay for Good!
Discover the dirt-cheap way to make your Ex be happy with you… FOREVER!

10 Simple Keys to Convince Him to Stay!

The 5 Known Ways to “Crawl Inside Her Mind”!

The Secret Weapon for making your Ex stay!



There are still a lot more that you can discover from the Break Up Miracle System! That is why you have to get it now and start reading before it's too late!


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At long last, here is the most effective solution in Winning Your Ex-Lover Back has been made available! The best thing about is that it is surprisingly affordable!


For only $39.00 (to cover our most basic production and outreach costs), you will instantly uncover how easy it is to win your EX back today and forever!


The Break Up Miracle is really very easy to understand. Simple. Straight to the Point. Fast. Easy. Effective. With just one click of the mouse, you will be able to Decode the Mind of your Ex-Lover, and effectively have him/her back straight it your arms - like you never parted in the first place!


However which way you put it, this is a guaranteed effective system and yet it is very affordable. It is definitely a bargain! And you need not have to worry about it not working for you as it really will work for you. But even so, I will still give you a complete guarantee to protect your investment.




Hey, you're my customer. And if you're not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you're not happy with what you discover from "Break Up Miracle" I don't expect... or want... to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to me and I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it).


But... the powerful system is yours to keep no matter what,
as a "thank you" gift from trying.


Okay? So you really can't lose! The system is yours no matter what and it will work wonders in as little as 24 hours from now.


$39.00 covers the entire production costs required to bring you this powerful, hidden system.

Yes, for a mere $39.00, you will save yourself from the emotional and psychological turmoil that a break up can bring you. You do not even have to consult a psychologist that charges hundreds of dollars by the hour! With the Break Up Miracle system, all you get is a happy ending and I'm 100% confident.

Think about it.... for less than the cost of a good date, or the cost of seeing a few movies, you will instantly get a life-long system that will prevent you from worrying of breakups ever again.

Now, obviously you came here to finally find a way, too - yes?

Everyone else today did.

And I'm sure you see the SENSE in making a small investment for a an easy, FAIL-SAFE system that's GUARANTEED to work automatically - yes?

Of course you would.

Realize that without this system, a break up situation can get worse over time, making it harder to solve on your own. Thus, the worst thing you can do is to procrastinate.

Then don't wait. Take action. TRY THIS NOW and stop risking even more suffering and potential heartbreak ....


Limited quantity discount right now ONLY $39.00!


It was a happy-ending after all…

A good friend of mine, Jack, has been married to Annie for 15 years. Jack was a good provider. He made sure Annie and his family got everything they ever wanted. He makes sure they are happy, especially Annie. Annie appeared to be contented. Until one day, Annie told Jack she wanted a divorce! Jack was totally devastated. He didn't know what went wrong. Annie just plainly told her: “I'm not happy anymore…”


Jack called me and told me the news. They were already divorced. I was appalled by the news. I can't imagine them being apart. I can't imagine them going through this whole ordeal. Jack loves Annie so much. He told me how much he wants Annie back. Wanting to help my good friend, I gave Jack a copy of the Break Up Miracle. I knew he was skeptical about it. I saw it on his face but he politely accepted the system.


I haven't heard from Jack for a while after we talked. Then one day, I received a letter in the mail. It was from Jack! It wasn't a letter actually. It was a wedding invitation. I was surprised with the invitation but what surprised me more is that he is getting married to the same woman whom he married 15 years ago… Annie!


With the invitation, Jack inserted a note:

“Betty, I'm sorry for not getting in touch for quite some time. Things have been pretty crazy after we talked. The fail-proof system you gave me was amazing! I took me a while before I got to read it and I hated myself for not reading it at once. Everything worked for me! I especially liked the “dirty-cheap way into making your ex happy”. I've been working my ass off into providing Annie everything but it isn't the way it should be. Your system is truly a miracle. How did you ever get to discover these? Thank you so much, Betty. I owe you big time. See you at the wedding. Annie sends her regards. –Jack”


I cried upon reading the note. I was just so overwhelmed with the good news. At the wedding, I cried even more. I have never seen Jack, especially Annie so happy and in love. They are just so perfect for each other. They deserve one another. The kids looked happier, too. It was a happy ending after all!


User Testimonial (via email):

My wife and I were this close to separating. I knew I had to do something because deep inside, I knew we could work things out especially with kids and all.

I copied one of your techniques verbatim and our attitude towards each other is almost magically different. I can sense it. This change happened within the first 30 minutes of telling her. I know things will be ok now. It's incredible.


- Hans R.., Wellington, New Zealand

Experience the happy ending you have always dreamed of!

You, too, can make it happen. Don't waste the relationship you have nurtured and taken care of. You can make it work. You can still win your lost love back. It's all in one good method. The Break Up Miracle will teach you how. Just let me show you how it's done immediately so you don't waste any more precious time.


Very warm regards,

Betty Naismith





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